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Personal information protection policy of EVENTAS Inc.

EVENTAS Inc. ( hereafter referred to as our company ) fully recognizes the importance of personal information protection, and observes laws, regulations related to the protection of personal information, and makes a commitment to protect personal information based on the policy outlined below.

1. Definition of personal information

"Personal information" shall mean the information such as names and birthdays

( including the information which can be utilized with other information to identify an individual ) by which specific individual can be identified

2. Protection and handling of personal information

Our company will conduct education, training for executives and employees to promote the recognition of personal information protection and provide the effective and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, manipulation and leakage of personal data.

3. Acquisition and utilization of personal information

When acquiring personal information, our company shall either explain in advance or publicly notify how the information will be utilized except in the cases in which related laws and regulations do not require the notification, and obtain it by legally appropriate means. Utilization of the information is restricted to the purpose explained or notified when it has been acquired. Except it is legitimate in related laws and regulations, the information will not be provided to a third party without the consent of individual concerned.

4. Disclosure, amendment, stoppage of use and deletion of personal information

When the disclosure, amendment, stoppage of the use and deletion of personal information is requested by an individual concerned, necessary action will be taken in appropriate manner after our company verifies the identity of the individual concerned to prevent leakage and unauthorized amendment.

5. Observance to related laws and regulations

Our company observes Japanese laws and regulations related to personal information.

6. Improvement of personal information management program

Our company establishes the management program to put our policy in practice and makes efforts to continuously improve it to maintain the effectiveness of the program.

Our company may revise the contents of this policy accordance with our improvement or in line with amendment of laws and regulations. Revisions will be made public at this web site.

For inquiries, please contact: EVENTAS Inc. info@eventas.co.jp